Like a Star! #1 Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe wore a white dress in the 1955 film "The Seven Year Itch", directed by Billy Wilder.
The dress was created by costume designer William Travilla and was worn in one of the best-known scenes in the movie.
The dress is regarded as an icon of film history and the image of Monroe in the white dress is one of the iconic images of the 20th century.
The dress is a light-colored ivory cocktail dress in a style which was in vogue in the 1950s and 1960s.  

L'abito bianco indossato da Marilyn Monroe nel film "Quando la moglie è in vacanza", diretto da Billy Wilder nel 1955, fu realizzato dal costumista William Travilla e venne utilizzato in una delle scene più celebri del film.
Il vestito è visto come un'icona della storia del cinema e la figura della Monroe nel vestito bianco è una delle icone del 20esimo secolo.
Il vestito è un abito da cocktail leggero di color avorio nello stile di quelli di moda fra gli anni cinquanta ed i sessanta.



A d R: Anna dello Russo's fashion shower


With this song,Anna dello Russo,grants to all us her sparkling  
10 commandments of fashion,
"You know what you need? You need a Fashion Shower."
and so...if "Nothing succeeds like excess" ...

Lesson n.1: Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom.
Lesson n.2: Between Style and Fashion? …absolutely Fashion.
Lesson n.3: Fashion is always uncomfortable. If you feel comfortable you never get the look.
Lesson n.4: Fabulous at every age!
Lesson n.5: Wearing night clothes in the daytime is unexpected.
Lesson n.6: Somebody wearing your same outfit? Wonderful. You did the right choice.
Lesson n.7: You must wear outfit once.
Lesson n.8: Wear coat as a dress!
Lesson n.9: It doesn’t matter the size of your body. Fashion flatter everything.
Lesson n.10: Fashion jewels personalize your style


Chanel *the little black jacket* in Moscow!

Some days ago,on Chanel's youtube channel,there was this video....
and finally,in Moscow,Chanel makes all the guests excited
 (it's always in this way <3 ) !
take a look at the video below!

simply fabulous! 


chic in the lift #1

I was looking through my iPhone's photos and I noticed that a lot of picture in it are photos which I shot everyday in the lift when I go out,and so...here the genius! the bulb snapped! lol 
what do u think about my new way to do outfit's photos? something of useless? :P 
without expensive reflexes!

I think it was a bad day,lol

with my friends <3